YouTube SEO: Rank #1 on YouTube (Complete Guide)

YouTube SEO: Rank #1 on YouTube (Complete Guide)

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7 July, 2024
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Optimizing your videos for YouTube will not only drive views for your channel, but can also grow your brand authority and recognition. In this video, we will share the best practices and tools to grow your channel.

Chapters (Timestamps):
00:00 - Introduction
00:51 - What is YouTube SEO?
01:32 - What You Need to Know About YouTube to Be Successful
03:08 - Steps to Rank Successfully on YouTube
03:19 - Step #1: Picking the Right Keywords
03:54 - Different Types of Keywords on YouTube
05:49 - How to Find Trending Keywords
07:23 - How to Find Evergreen Keywords
08:45 - Validate Keywords
11:47 - Step #2: Optimize Your Videos for CTR
12:13 - What is Click-Through Rate
12:36 - How to Optimize the Thumbnail of Your Video
14:26 - How to Optimize the Video Title & Description
14:38 - Why YouTube Video Tags are Not That Important Anymore?
16:12 - How to Generate YouTube Title & Description with AI
18:40 - Step #3: Increase Audience Retention
19:17 - Why is Average View Duration Important
19:55 - How to Improve Average View Duration/Audience Retention
21:18 - How to Use AI to Write Your Video Script
23:59 - Recap
24:14 - Outro

How to Use Content AI’s YouTube Description AI Tool:

How to Use Content AI’s YouTube Video Script AI Tool:

VidIQ Chrome Extension:

Tubebuddy Chrome Extension:

List of Power Words:

Now, you can rank your videos #1 on YouTube using the YouTube SEO tips we have shared. It is important to get your YouTube SEO Basics right and understand what makes a video rank before you start creating any videos. It takes lots of time and effort to create one video, so you’ve got to make it count.

► Step 1: Do proper YouTube Keyword Research to not only find new keywords but also validate them so that you won’t waste your time creating the video.
► Step 2: Optimize your video for Click-Through Rate by focusing on creating the most captivating thumbnail that gets clicked.
► Step 3: make sure that your viewers are hooked to your video.

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