How To Rank YouTube Videos On Google ( youtube video ranking and seo tutorial)

How To Rank YouTube Videos On Google ( youtube video ranking and seo tutorial)

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How to rank YouTube videos and show up on the first page of Google in as little as 5 minutes. Absolutely Free – Grab your 100% pure YouTube and Google Traffic-Getting training (105 PDF pages worth)

You'll learn how to "sneak into the backdoor of Google" and get your YouTube videos ranked on the first page of Google and getting views in as little as 5 minutes with the search engine optimization (seo 2017).

Plus, you'll discover how to build your very own "Video Traffic-Getting Network™" using nothing but 100% free software.

I also discuss the "new rules of [Blog Post SEO]" based on the latest Google algorithm updates and search engine optiiztion, and how to use them to create a "framework of relevancy" designed to send Google into an absolute feeding-frenzy for your content… so they start mindlessly sending you free traffic for hundreds of keywords, including keywords that don't appear anywhere in your content.

You'll also learn how to quickly and easily uncover video-friendly keywords (that Google is pretty much begging you to make videos for) and how to use your new keywords to [rank your videos on the first page of Google], fast.

• A Simple Little Trick That Only Takes About 5 Minutes To Set Up Yet Practically Forces Google… And YouTube… To Send Your Videos Free Traffic.
• How To Supercharge The Ranking Power Of Your Videos By Learning How To Quickly And Easily Harness The Google-Crushing Power Of “Backlink-Stacking”.
• The Secrets To Building Your Very Own Video Traffic-Getting Network™ Using Nothing But 100% Free Software.
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