Perplexity AI SEO: 0 to 87,000 Traffic with Perplexity Pages 🤯

Perplexity AI SEO: 0 to 87,000 Traffic with Perplexity Pages 🤯

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9 June, 2024
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Unlock the Power of Perplexity AI: Boost Your SEO with This New Loophole!

In this video, Julian Goldie reveals a new method to leverage Perplexity AI's recent update for massive SEO gains. Discover how Perplexity AI has skyrocketed from zero to 87,000 traffic through its new 'Pages' feature. Julian walks you through the entire process, from selecting low-competition, money-making keywords to generating and optimizing content. With practical examples and step-by-step guidance, learn how to create and index high-ranking content. Plus, get access to a free SOP and SEO strategy session to personalize these strategies for your business.

00:00 Introduction to the Perplexity AI Loophole
00:06 Overview of Perplexity AI's New Update
00:32 Proof of Traffic Growth
01:05 Getting Started with Perplexity AI
01:21 Using Perplexity AI Pages for SEO
02:21 Finding and Using Keywords
03:38 Creating and Optimizing Content
05:48 Editing and Customizing Your Page
11:15 Publishing and Indexing Your Content
12:42 Conclusion and Additional Resources

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