Video SEO 2021: New Techniques To Rank Your Videos FAST (On Youtube & Google)

Video SEO 2021: New Techniques To Rank Your Videos FAST (On Youtube & Google)

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New YouTube SEO Technique To Rank In YouTube and Google 2021
This is a new YouTube SEO method for 2021 with built in YouTube SEO Ranking Factors.
Grab the free Video Rank Sculpting Checklist to guide you on How To Rank Videos Fast, specifically if you want to learn How To Rank in Google and YouTube.
This is a simple step by step YouTube Video Optimization system and it has unique strategies built in.
This new YouTube SEO Method includes modern Video SEO Ranking Factors that actually work and have been curated from tutorials from top YouTube SEO experts who use these every time to move the needle and generate tens of thousands of views for every video

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*** Table Of Contents (Timestamp) For This Video ***
0.00 Introduction to Video Rank Sculpting
01.46 Identify Three Targeted Keywords
04.45 The One Thing That Your Keywords Must Have To get Traffic From Google
05.18 Outline Your Video Script
07.04 Timestamp The Video Using Your Outline & Keywords
09.20 Find & Add Search Intent keywords To Your Description
10.43 Optimize Your Headline & Description
16.48 Free YouTube SEO Checklist For 2021

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