The best TikTok SEO strategy and tips (beginners start here!)

The best TikTok SEO strategy and tips (beginners start here!)

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28 September, 2022
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ok, it's OFFICIALLY time to start your TikTok SEO strategy. People are searching on TikTok so much that VPs at Google are getting nervous, so that means TikTok creators definitely need to be making content that is optimized for searchability. Seriously, I promise it is WAY LESS COMPLICATED than it sounds! We teamed up with our SEO experts here at Hootsuite to create this simple and effective TikTok SEO strategy that anyone can use to:

a) get an endless stream of content ideas
b) make TikToks that get more reach and views
c) make TikToks that get MORE popular over time, not less 🥲

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0:00 introduction
1:11 What is TikTok SEO?
2:05 How to do TikTok SEO
2:30 Step 1: How to do keyword research on TikTok
4:06 Step 2: Make search-optimized TikToks
4:58 Pro Tip: schedule your TikToks in advance with Hootsuite, obvi
5:08 Step 3: Add your keywords to your caption and hashtags
5:55 Step 4: Embed your TikTok on your blog
6:26 Step 5: Check your TikTok analytics
6:48 Step 5: Use SEO in your TikTok profile, too

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