SEO Tutorial: 5 Tips & Action Items that no One is Talking About

SEO Tutorial: 5 Tips & Action Items that no One is Talking About

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14 September, 2023
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Chances are, you're not acting on all the SEO opportunities your business can take advantage of. In this video, Ignite Visibility SEO expert John Lincoln, gives you a 5 step SEO tutorial, breaking down 5 of the most powerful, yet underutilized tactics in SEO. As a bonus, he's throwing in action items to help you get started.

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SEO Tutorial! 5 Tips & Action Items That No One Is Talking About
(00:10) 1. Voice Search Engine Optimization - Optimize content for conversational pages
(00:30) 2. Video Content for SEO - Answer common questions being asked in your industry
(00:40) 3. Mobile Search Engine Optimization - Check your mobile-friendly report within Google Search Console to see how you're scoring
(01:03) 4. User Experience & Core Web Vitals - Make sure your website is super fast and loads properly with the Core Web Vitals report inside the Google Search Console
(01:26) 5. Local SEO for Google My Business - Optimize your Google Business Profile for individual locations and multi-location businesses

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